How long does an asbestos lawsuit take?

There is no definitive way to determine how long an asbestos lawsuit will take. Some may take years, while others are settled within just a few months. This is because there are many factors that affect the amount of time any lawsuit will take. One of those factors is the stage of your illness. If you are very ill, it’s sometimes possible to have a case expedited and get a trial date sooner than you would have otherwise.

The number of defendants could also affect the timeline of your lawsuit. For example, a contractor that installed insulation containing asbestos in hundreds of job sites could have many defendants involved in the claim. On the other hand, a teacher who was exposed to asbestos during renovation work in a school will likely only have one defendant in their case. Cases involving multiple defendants almost always take longer, so this will affect how long your case takes.

If your case involves multiple appeals, it could also take longer. Appeals are not very common in asbestos cases. However, if you don’t get a favorable verdict and want to appeal the decision, or if the other side appeals, it will cause your case to drag on longer.